Cross-Cultural Product Development

TRI is a new, full-contact, fast-paced sport designed to push the limits of conventional athletics by introducing three teams playing on a circular pitch. All teams compete for possession of the unique TRIball, designed to challenge athletes of all backgrounds
and experience. As a business, TRI is growing rapidly among both conventional sports practitioners and in the “alternative” and “niche” sports markets.

TRI is a hybrid of several popular and successful sports from around the world, primarily featuring elements and policies from Australian Rules Football, Rugby Union, Basketball and American Football. In several international TRI start-ups, the sport has attracted a dynamic mixture of these types of athletes, reaching over 20 nationalities. By emersing participants into this combination of backgrounds and unique obstacles TRI is a great starter sport, equalizing prior experience from several sport backgrounds and producing the next generation of universal athletes.

Every element of the sport including rules, branding, culture and game equipment were researched, designed and tested to create an exciting alternative sport experience. By design, the sport is a holistic challenge for athletes to re-learn basic ball handling, refine eye-hand cordination, sharpen multi-directional awareness, heighten team strategy and fluid communication skills, improve impact awareness and open-field tackling, and boost physio and cardio levels.website matrix

Development & Inspiration


This matrix displays the top 8 global sports. These sports were researched and given an estimated popularity valuation from multiple industry data sources. TRI will most likely never be at the top, however, the purpose of this matrix is to demonstrate the necessary elements of a sport that can affect its global success.

After intense observation, participation, and fan/player enquiries, throughout the 8 sports a pattern was discovered among 3 core elements, rules, tactics and culture. Comparing all of the sports at the same time, required a 3 axises together, rather than 3 separate matrix tables of only 2 axises. Founder, Jeremiah Schwarz, created a 3D cube matrix that allowed all sports to be visually placed at more depth to more accurately categorize the popularity elements of each sport. From this matrix a design formula was created in order to design a new sport that would entertain players and spectators. TRI was designed using the following elements:

Simple Rules - easy to learn, simple game play and objectives

Expressive Culture - the ability to customize, re-invent, and inspire

Aggressive Tactics - combative competition and tribal tension



  • Jeremiah Schwarz

    Game Maker / Game Changer, with over eight years of creative and development experience, ranging in a spectrum of content…

  • Charles Wolcott

    A strong personality and charismatic stage presence have been essential to building the TRI network globally. He has garnered much success…