The TRI Federation LLC (TRI Fed) is the governing and promotional body for TRI and is responsible for game development, recruitment, event management, and international coordination of competitions. Thanks to its existing promotional channels, global grass roots following, and growing human resources the TRI Federation is poised for semi-professional and professional expansion within 5 years, possibly faster than the history of any team contact sport in the world.

The Federation plans to expand and solidify its established networks, and build a modest revenue stream through sponsors, merchandising and coaching. Every year several major events are are held to increase visibility, cultivate player talent, establish sponsor relationships, and generate revenue. TRI development and local games are already sprouting in several countries, soon the TRI Federation will register offices in Asia, North America, South America and Europe to expand the company's reach.

With an exclusive partnership, MAL Sporting Goods LLC (MAL) supports the TRI Federation with gear, tech, manufacturing and distribution of all TRI equipment. Both MAL and TRI Fed share similar management and stakeholders and are part of a joint business strategy. With combined efforts the TRI industry is expected to survive initial sports criticism and thrive in several international sports markets.