The game


TRI is a DIFFERENT, full-contact, fast-paced game designed to push the limits of conventional athletics by introducing three teams playing on a circular pitch at the same time. All teams compete for possession of the unique patented TRIball, and face obstacles such as multiple boundaries and team alliances. Although the sport is unique, it was influenced by a hybrid of several popular features from international games, such as Australian Rules Football, Rugby, Basketball and American Football. These factors make TRI a cultural equalizer.


By design, the game is a great training activity for ALL athletes. It is a holistic challenge for athletes to further master their basic ball handling, eye-hand coordination, sharpen multi-directional awareness, heighten team strategy, and boost physio and cardio levels. Despite it's contact origins, TRI features several elements designed to significantly reduce the amount of scenarios in which injuries could occur.

The Sport

From a sport perspective, TRI engages athletes, families and businesses with unique activity and entertainment experiences. Every element of the sport including rules, equipment, branding, culture and business were researched, designed and tested over several years. Finally, the product is ready, and soon to be introduced in events, tournaments, leagues and as a platform for business development. Since 2010, over 1,000 athletes from over 30 nationalities have participated in TRI events across the world.


To become a recognized sport, TRI will be developed and expanded from a top-down approach, reaching international and domestic audiences. All new ideas are challenging to embrace, however, TRI was designed to disrupt and engage open minded sports enthusiasts to explore new potential, and get involved on the ground floor.


The impact of a different sport venture offers the world a different perspective towards how we understand sports, a way to step back and reflect on current issues and new opportunities. TRI gives athletes a new opportunity on and off the field, for fitness and mental conditioning, a platform to meet and collaborate with people from different sport and cultural communities, great development for youth athletes, and an educational addition for school PE curriculums.



Player Testimonials