Membership Value

Why You Should Enlist

In order to participate in TRI, or purchase equipment, you must enlist as a member of the TRI Federation.

TRI is more than just about equipment. It’s an is engaging, challenging, active, and inclusive communal experience to meet the needs for fitness and education.

Membership is important for tracking the sport's growth and building valuable infrastructure for events and services. Participants and fans will enjoy cultural ownership of TRI's early development and will contribute to it's success both on and off the field.

As a part of the TRI story, your team, school or community can generate exposure via local news, social media, and international TRI platforms while combating mental and physical health issues.

Registration Process

1. Contact & Apply - Interested athletes and supporters are welcome to contact the TRI Federation to request information and gain involvement. Apply here: TRI Federation Application Forms

2. Approval & Registration - The TRI Federation will review the application, and conduct an interview and background check of players and program initiators.  The best membership plan will be determined with the applicant for participation and licensing opportunity. Once approved, applicants can register as new members, and create a TRI Federation profile.

3. Purchase - Registered Members can purchase equipment along with their membership. Orders are placed via online or via email. Discounts can be received for large orders, on a purchase by purchase basis. To enquire about discounts and receive quotes for additional products such as pinnies, cones and custom uniforms, please contact: