The TRI Federation is the founding and governing body of TRI, dedicated to the development, education and expansion of the game and sport. While focusing on developing TRI as an emerging professional sport business, the Federation also strives to position TRI as the world’s training sport for athletes of all traditional sports backgrounds. As the sport expands it will bridge cultural barriers that have for so long divided die hard players and sports fans, finally uniting them through innovation and common interests.

The TRI Federation is strategically situated for expansion with a top to down approach resulting in global efforts effectively inspiring simoltaneous local developments. The mid-to-long term plan aims to make TRI an internationally recognized sport fostering rec and semi-pro leagues in most major economies. Professional teams will grow and establish themselves as brands with strong local roots pushing TRI to the league level.

Having collected almost 10 years of research, experience, ideas and followers, together with MAL Sporting Goods the TRI Federation will cultivate and pioneer this emerging sport sub-industry.




Mission Objectives Of TRI Federation


Both on and off the field TRI encourages sportsman-like communication. Dealing with so many different cultures and new ideas, athletes and league staff pioneer uncharted scenarios relying heavily on their ability to solve problems and work with each other. It is our duty to shape TRI players into universal athletes, to better our future and sports.


Many students play sports only because their friends and parents encourage them to. However, this sport is an exciting new perspective on what sports can be. Designed with so many new concepts, people come to witness or play TRI because there is nothing else like it. Athletes are able to make their own choice and participate as pioneers in the first generation of a new sport. Designed to challenge the athlete, people will have to force themselves to cope with this unusual “trialectic” dynamic. We will push athletes to the highest level of physical and mental fitness. This game is not meant to be easy.


The sport was designed to bridge gaps in culture and strengthen sportsmanship values. TRI is an alternative for athletes who may lack interest or skills in traditional sports. TRI doesn’t require much experience and studies may prove the game is safer than other contact sports. To equalize athletes from different backgrounds the game was designed to be highly provocative forcing people to work together and compete. Whether an experienced athlete or not, people are realizing that TRI’s dynamics and progressiveness seem more engaging than other sports.


Already proving successful in several international high schools in China, The TRI Federation provides students the opportunity to develop physical and mental skills needed to reach a high level of fitness and awareness. Our TRI coaches have a diverse background in sports and are semi-professional TRI athletes from around the globe. We encourage students to constantly adapt to, solve, and create the game. Our organization uses the design process to educate new athletes and coaches. Plan, Understand, Design, Develop, Reflect and Execute. This is a successful ritual even if athletes forget they are using it.


We encourage players of all ages to bring new ideas into the sport and constantly question the purpose of all details. TRI is a platform for developing new techniques, strategies, game-play, rules, culture, branding etc., and we aim to empower all players to contribute to this global system. On or off the field The TRI Federation is large enough to implement new, different cultural perspectives and be inspired to achieve anything in the future of sports, community and business.